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After Buying a Home, What's Next?

Today we are listing some of the first things you should change as soon as you get into your new home.

You just finished buying your first home, signed the contract, and got the keys. Now what? In this article, we will tell you the first things you need to change in your home for safety and overall comfort. After all, you just bought the house of your dreams--you want it to feel like your home!

Here are five tips to implement immediate changes to your new home:

Tip #1 - Change the Locks

The last thing you want when you get settled into your new home is the possibility of the previous owner or tenant barging in unannounced. They might have forgotten something they had stashed away in the home and want it back. Since it is not their home anymore, they should have to seek approval for any visits. In a worst case scenario, a previous owner or tenant with functional keys can steal from you and/or ransack the place after you get everything setup just how you like it. It is always a great idea when changing locks to add longer screws than provided for your locks and striker plates. This helps reinforce the locking system from anyone that would attempt forced entry.

Tip #2 - Change Garage Door Codes

Garage door codes are easily forgotten but are often used daily. Change the codes to the garage door to prevent any friends or family of the old homeowner from entering without permission. This is also important for any electronic door locks. Make sure to change any code that will allow access to the home.

Tip #3 - Change the Toilet Seats

No matter how clean the last owner of the home was, there is something special about having a brand new, never-been-used seat to adorn your new throne. No one will blame you for investing in this small splurge you will use often.

Tip #4 - Change Smoke Detector Batteries.

These are easily forgotten with their ceiling camouflage and fortunately rare usage. But one thing is certain: when it is time for them to do their job, it is imperative for detectors to be in working condition. Batteries need to be replaced in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors immediately and regularly. Ideally, though, every homeowner should consider replacing the detectors altogether. Like everything else, they have a life expectancy.

"Replace all smoke alarms in your home every 10 years." - NFPA

Tip #5 - Change the Home Filters

Finally, as a homeowner, you now have the responsibility of regular maintenance. The furnace filter needs to be changed frequently. The exact frequency depends on the size of the filter that your furnace allows. Most are just one inch thick and need to be changed every 1-3 months. Four inch thick filters tend to last a little longer, and can be changed every 6-9 months. Additionally, most refrigerators have water filters that need to be changed regularly to ensure you are getting the cleanest water.

Just a quick reminder!

Ranging from safety and routine maintenance to sanitary preference, these are just a few things that should be changed as soon as you get into your new home. If you are considering buying a house or have bought one recently without a home inspection, Give Us A Call, and we will help you learn more about your new home!


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