The home inspector’s report reviews the condition of the home’s heating system, plumbing, electrical system and central air conditioning system (temperature permitting), as well as the roof, attic, visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, foundation, basement, landscaping, and visible structure.



Inspection fees vary based on the type, size, age, and features of the home or building. There may be extra charges for services such as stucco inspection, radon testing, mold inspections, lead base paint test, termite inspections, well and septic inspections. A typical inspection fee for a 2,000 square foot condo varies from $327 to $357. The cost of the inspection should not be the only consideration for hiring an inspector. A good inspection that informs you of all the potential problems in a home is worth the money. A bargain inspector may give you an inferior report and once you have purchased the home, it may be very costly to repair problems that were omitted from the inspection report.



Many inspectors will offer you services such as:

  • Stucco inspections: Ask how many they have preformed, and if they are EDI (Exterior Design Institute) certified.

  • Radon testing: Make sure they follow the US EPA Protocols for testing

  • Mold testing: Ask where they send the samples and is the lab an accredited lab.

  • Water Testing: Ask where they take your samples.

  • Termite inspections: Ask their background and experience related to termite inspections. Ask what they do for this inspection. Make sure they are not just padding a bill.

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