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Tim Dyer—Owner/Inspector, Stucco Inspections
ASHI# 205776

With our knowledge, equipment and stucco inspections experience since 2002. We can provide you with the best service available in Colorado. Beware of the differences between a regular home inspector and one that is certified in stucco inspections.  

See images to note the type of issues we have found typical of stucco homes with leaking and cracking issues where water has taken over and weakened areas.

Stucco Inspections: Common Issues

  • No sealant around the doors and windows

  • Kick-out flashing’s missing

  • Penetration through Stucco (A.C. Lines, Hose Faucets)

  • Deck Flashing

  • Cracking

  • Roof termination into Stucco

  • Distance from grading

  • No sealant between concerete flat work and Stucco



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