We Take Great Care of a Realtor's Clients


At Accurate Property Inspection we understand that every aspect of the real estate transaction requires hard work, dedication, and concentration on every detail from everyone involved. A home inspection is a crucial part of the home buying process. Our home inspection company has a proven record of prompt response and reliable service. This is one of several reasons we are one of the most referred inspection firms in the metro area.

Our inspectors arrive on time, are professionally dressed and concentrate on absolute customer satisfaction. We understand you are working hard to build a relationship with your client and our goal is to make that process a little easier for you.

Working with professionals, such as yourself, is one of the things that makes our job easier and we want you to be able to say the same thing after you experience our inspection service. Your clients will receive an inspection report along with photographs of our thorough examination of the home at the time of the inspection. We have completed well over 20,000 inspections and have many positive, happy clients. Read our testimonials page to learn more. If you or your clients have questions about a report, give your inspector a call.

Realtors Work with Accurate Property Inspection Every Day


Accurate Property inspectors will go through every aspect of the report in a professional, factual manner to make you and your clients more informed regarding their home purchase and make the home buyers feel safe, comfortable, protected and glad they worked with you. The fear of not knowing the inner workings of a  home oftentimes leads to home valuations that are off and surprised repairs can leave a homeowner unsettled about their purchase. We uncover the things Realtors cannot so that all financial and planning decisions are made with the best information about the property. We are a key part of your team and our integrity and suggestions come with years of experience. When every home sale counts, we are right there with you making sure the information on a property is correct.

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