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What to Look for in a Home Inspector

What do you look for when attempting to find great home inspectors with a city as huge as Loveland, Colorado? This can be a daunting job considering the variety of firms in the area, many of them just getting started.

Whether you’re buying a house, marketing a property, or just want a thorough inspection of your house for the peace of mind, it’s very important to find the right company to service your needs.

Tips in Hiring Home Inspectors

  1. Is the inspector a member of either the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), or perhaps a member of the state organization like the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREI)? These organizations have wonderful regulations to adhere to.

  2. Ensure the inspection company has “errors and omissions” and insurance. Perhaps even the most seasoned inspectors could overlook something, or have a mishap. You don’t want anything to happen during your inspection.

  3. Just how seasoned are the inspectors? An inspector who has been working in this line of business for many years is less inclined to skip any items in the inspection. Certainly fresh inspectors can be exceptional too, but as a standard principle, practice does make perfect.

  4. Are the home inspectors experienced in your specific city? Even in our main area, there can be particular factors found in one district and not in some other. For instance, the existence of mold is a lot more prevalent on damper cities such as those right along the coast. General house inspections do not protect mold specifically, but a conscientious inspector will speak about the mold situation if they come across it during a typical inspection.

These are just some ideas in order to direct you when choosing a great house inspection firm. An improperly done house inspection can be costly in the future. Apply a little due diligence and you will have no problem finding a high quality house inspection firm. For more information call Accurate Property Inspection right now at 970-667-6973. And in case you are wondering – we are experienced inspectors that provide detail reports and we are a member of the ASHI in good standing. We treat your home, like our home.

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