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Make Your Home Ready to Sell

As a current homeowner, you probably understand the importance of having a home inspected before you make a purchase. It would be safe to say that any potential home buyer will have the same knowledge and understanding. Before even listing your home it would be wise to have your home inspected prior to the first potential buyer ever visiting their home.

Why make your home ready to sell?

Letting the potential buyer know that you are sincere in your efforts to present the homes condition fairly and accurately makes it more marketable and more attractive to the buyer. You start building trust right away. As a seller, you have a clear understanding of items that may show up on a buyer’s inspection eliminating prolonged contract negotiations. Any legal liability for not disclosing problems with your home to prospective buyers is gone because of this pre-inspection.

It also gives you a stronger negotiating position by knowing first hand the condition of your home and can minimize price reduction negotiations initiated by the buyer’s camp.

Some other common reasons are:

  • You get to choose the inspector based on reputation and credentials that best fit you and your particular homes characteristics (i.e. stucco, roofing, radon experienced inspectors)

  • You can fix any problems that there may be. That way it does not become a negotiating tool for buyers.

  • If a large problem is uncoverd it gives you the time your need to either correct it or account for it with your opening offer without going to a lower price later.

Make your home the Right House to Buy with a pre-sale Inspection Report!

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