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Common Property Defects

We’ve assembled the most common property defects for you to understand the importance of their role in the structure of your home, your investment:
  • BAD WIRING – worn out or outdated systems and homeowner “I can fix that” faulty repairs are the most frequent defects found in home inspections. This type of problem is even more apparent in older homes. Electrical system troubles are safety related, require fast attention and should be taken seriously.

  • ROOF ISSUES – wrongly installed and outdated surfaces occur often. We also see badly installed or missing out on flashing on transition regions. Repairs might be simple or the whole roof might need to be replaced. Follow-up any adverse roofing system findings with an assessment by a qualified roofing contractor. Roof issues are one of the most common property defects we see on a daily basis due to the hail damage in Colorado over the last few years. It’s always a good idea to check the roof for issues.

  • HEATING/COOLING SYSTEM ISSUES – improper installations, insufficient routine maintenance and also outdated equipment are typical. Dirt can cause havoc and it is a simple fix, however installing the equipment incorrectly is another matter and for safety (and efficiency) reasons needs to be corrected.

  • PLUMBING PROBLEMS – the most frequent problems are leaking, out-of-date or defective systems. Repairs can often be done however sometimes overall system replacement is required.

  • INADEQUATE VENTILATION AND INSULATION IN ATTIC AREA – poor ventilation and poor insulation causes too much power charges and insufficient occupant comfort.

  • POOR OVERALL HOME MAINTENANCE – deferred maintenance represents a potential high cost situation to bring the home back into state. In the event the homeowner didn’t properly look after the home, somebody will need to later on.

  • SLOW DRAINAGE – water has to drain away from the structure on its perimeter to prevent water intrusion. Roof gutters and downspouts can occasionally be added in to rectify site drainage problems.

  • WATER AND AIR Penetrating CRACKS AND ALSO WINDOW PERIMETERS AT OUTSIDE – structure fractures as well as separations in the windows allows water to the wall spaces that’s good to mold development.

  • MINOR STRUCTURAL DESTRUCTION – cut and broken trusses are usually found in attic cavities and on situation we also observe structural parts missing. Generally fixes are needed, however we see it is rarely an imminent security risk.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES – signs of mold growing is important to analyze. New owners should consider a total ecological evaluation of the property before purchasing.

Accurate Property Inspection will inspect your residential or commercial property and provide a thorough report for analysis. Call 970-667-6973 for your appointment today.

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