Getting Ready for Your Move

Here at Accurate Property Inspection, we want to help your move be a great one. Here are our top 10 tips for getting ready to move. Give us a call to get a home inspection scheduled for a new home before you move and then do a pre-listing inspection on your old home before you sell it. You will give your buyer the peace of mind when they make you an offer for their new home.

Top 10 Moving Tips from Accurate Property Inspection

  1. Keep a file of all moving paperwork and estimates

    1. Be sure to label it and keep it in one place

  2. Moving Costs

    1. Be sure to account for the costs of the physical move plus the start-up costs like starting electricity, water, city services, internet, and cable

    2. Don't forget to schedule a home inspection for your new house

    3. Keep track of these in your notebook

  3. Change Your Address Before You Move

    1. Give the post office at least three weeks prior to your move

    2. You can go to USPS online (click here) and do all your forwarding address paperwork online

  4. Get Free Packing & Moving Supplies

    1. Check Facebook groups for others who just moved – they might have boxes

    2. Check local grocery stores for boxes

  5. Decide if you will hire a moving company, rent a truck, or move things with your own vehicles

    1. There is a cost associated with hiring a mover, but it may be worth it considering time, energy, and your back

  6. Don’t be afraid of asking your friends and family for help

  7. Be sure to plan for overlap time between your two homes

    1. You need time to clean and prep your old home

    2. You need time in your new home for deciding where your items will go, plan for furniture arrangements, put in new curtains and carpets if needed

  8. Plan your new rooms before you pack

    1. You can label your boxes with the new rooms when you pack. This will make things easier when you get to the new house

  9. Create an “open first” box

    1. Important paperwork

    2. Moving notebook

    3. Basic toiletries

    4. Medications

    5. change of clothes

    6. eyeglasses or contacts

    7. appropriate necessities for the pets

    8.  first aid kit with bandages and antiseptic

    9. Kitchen box – pack plastic cutlery, plates, and paper towels, dish for meals, and the coffee pot with cups and coffee

  10. Schedule your pre-listing inspection with Accurate Property Inspection for your realtor so new buyers can feel confident they are getting a great new home.

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