Air Quality Inspection - Finding and Testing Mold

black mold on wall
mold spores
mold culture

Accurate Property Inspection can test visible mold and have it analyzed to determine the type of mold present in the house. Visible mold can be found in bathrooms, kitchens, and sometimes on wallpapers, baseboards, or drywall.

Other mold are not so obvious. Mold can grow in areas you can't see, such as the duct work of a heating/cooling system or if there has been a roof, basement, or plumbing leak. In this case, the only way to know if mold spores are present is for Accurate Property Inspection to test by collecting air quality sampling.

Can it be fixed?

In most cases, it can be fixed. The damaged materials should be replaced and the area where the water is leaking needs to be fixed and cleaned. If test results show toxic mold spores are present, you should NOT begin any type of remediation and a specialist should be brought in to assess the situation. 

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