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About Us


Accurate Property Inspection provides thorough home inspections, commercial property inspections, and insurance inspection services in Colorado and Wyoming. We treat your time, money, and property with respect and care. In business since 2002, Accurate Property Inspection will provide you with the finest home inspection services, stucco inspections, radon testing, mold inspection, lead base paint testing, and more.

If you review the standards of practice or regulations of home inspectors in Colorado and Wyoming you’ll see that home inspectors are not licensed. It’s in your best interest to know who you hire. After all, you’ll be depending on your inspector’s abilities and expertise to help you make an informed and confident home buying decision. Accurate Property Inspection has expert certified home inspectors providing you with knowledge and up-to-date information about the various systems in your home.


We educate all of our clients during each phase of the home inspection process. So whether you are a buyer, seller, or a current homeowner, you’ll receive an honest and unbiased opinion regarding the condition of your property. After all, we’ve satisfactorily completed over 9,000 inspections in Colorado and Wyoming, providing our home and commercial buyers with the proper information they need to make sound personal and business decisions.


We take our jobs very seriously. Call us today to schedule your home inspection.